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Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier Services | Attic Cleaning Glendale, CA

Every structure, be it a private residential house, a commercial shopping mall, or an office building, needs to have reflective insulation to block heat from entering or exiting it. Reflective insulation is actually thermal insulation that can be achieved with the professional installation of radiant barrier. Those barriers will ensure that the structure will be warmer at winters and cooler at summer time, and that your electricity bills won't get higher than they should. Here are two examples for what happens when your structure lacks that kind of insulation.

It's Too Hot to Eat!

It is quite well known that most people lose appetite when it is too hot outside. If you have a restaurant that does not have thermal insulation, and it is extremely hot outside, no matter how hard and long the air conditioning system is working – it will remain too hot inside as well. That may lead to customers losing their appetite and leaving your restaurant – and we don't know too many restaurant owners who'd like to see that happening.

Paying Too Much on Electricity Bills

Think about the next scenario: it is very cold outside, you are at your home, sitting with your family in the living room, the air conditioning system is working, but you still feel it is too cold inside. You turn the air conditioning higher, but still, the heat seems to be doing everything it can to escape out of your house, which means you are sitting in a not-warm-enough living room but still paying high electricity bills. Radiant barrier can prevent all that – it will allow your home to get warm faster, to keep the warmth inside and to lower the effort of your air conditioning system.

What Can You Do About It? Leave it To Us!

If you've had enough of problems caused by the lack of radiant barrier insulation in your attic, and would like to enjoy more efficient climate control in your property, it is time to call Attic Cleaning Glendale, and enjoy professional insulation and decontamination services to help you keep your house and business more clean, comfortable and welcoming to those who stay in or visit it.


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